Melvin Davis: Running down dreams

With a conference-leading nine touchdowns, Melvin Davis has helped the Santa Monica College football team to a 3-0 conference record, 5-2 overall, and has them primed for a run at their third straight Pacific Conference championship. “It’s all a blessing," Davis said. "I can’t do it without my team. If we play as a unit, everything goes as planned. We come out with a winning attitude; we’re rolling, and we want to keep it like that. We just want to continue to go out there and do what we do best   play ball, have fun and win the games.”

Raised in Southern California, Davis has played organized football since before high school. From his pop-warner days with the Carson Colts to championship runs with the Narbonne High School Gauchos, Davis said he had many influences along the way, including his family and coaches from high school as well as at SMC.

Throughout his career, Davis has not only been a standout on the field, but he has also become accustomed to playing for championships.

“I played for the Carson Colts, and every year, every team I played on, we played in the [junior] Super Bowl," said Davis. "That was a blessing in itself. That was every kid’s dream at that stage to go to the Super Bowl, and I was blessed enough to do that.”

Even during high school when the competition was bigger and stronger, Davis still found himself on teams fighting for championships year after year.

“When I got to Narbonne, the school wasn’t that good as far as football; it was always known as a basketball school, but as I went there everything started to change," said Davis. "My junior and senior year, we made it to the CIF championship. Being at that stage alone is a blessing because it was something we had not seen, something that the fans had not witnessed, so just getting there was an accomplishment."

Following high school, SMC was not exactly Davis' first choice.

He was recruited out of high school by the University of Washington, and if not for a technicality, SMC might not have even had the chance to acquire Davis.

“I was committed to the University of Washington out of high school, but one of my classes was not accredited, so I came to SMC," said Davis.

With junior college athletes only being allowed to play for two seasons, Davis is looking ahead for a future in football, with some high goals in terms of four-year schools that interest him.

"After this season, wherever the wind blows, whoever I think is the best option for me at that time,that’s who I’ll roll with," said Davis. "So far, I have teams on my radar like Oregon, Miami. I’d like to go to UCLA, USC, wherever. I’m really not the pick-and-choosy type when it comes to the school, because at that stage, it’s just one step closer to where I’m really trying to go.”

Aside from football, Davis said he hopes to give back to his neighborhood in the form of a nonprofit community organization.

“I want to have a full staff, everything connected to my church, and help troubled youth, battered women and addicts —counsel them, show them there’s a different route to life," he said.

When he’s not barreling through opposing defensive lines, Davis said he is enjoying his surroundings like other college students his age.

“I like to play basketball, chill with the family, go out, try new things and restaurants," Davis said. "I like the Cheesecake Factory. Shanghai Reds is pretty good. I’m real down to earth. A lot of people think because of my size that I’m kind of intimidating, but I’m real cool. I always have a smile on my face.”