Corsairs look to extend win streak against lowly LA Harbor College

Note: Due to an error in design, this story did not appear in Issue 5 of the Corsair print edition as it was scheduled to be.

The Santa Monica College Corsair football team is coming off of back-to-back wins in an attempt to get their season back on track after a rough start to the 2014 season.

After starting 0-2, the Corsairs rebounded after their bye week with two straight wins. What has made their mini win streak so impressive was their last win, as they handed the previously undefeated Glendale Community College Vaqueros their first lost of the season.

Next up on the Corsair’s schedule is the LA Harbor College Seahawks, who are 0-5, and have failed to score more than 13 points in any game this season. In fact the Corsairs scored more points in their last matchup against Glendale, 48, than LA Harbor has scored all season, 47.

The problem with LA Harbor isn’t just their performance on offense, but their ability to defend as well. Not only are the Seahawks averaging less than 10 points a game on offense, but the defense is also giving up over 40 points per game.

The Seahawks seem to be in the middle of figuring out their quarterback situation, as they have two quarterbacks with at least 50 passing attempts on the season, but only one touchdown between them.

Sophomores Nicholas Pope, and Clark Livingston have taken the majority of the reps with Pope completing 34-83 passes with one touchdown, and five interceptions and Livingston completing 30-59 passes with no touchdowns and three interceptions.

It would be nice if LA Harbor had a little support from the rushing game, but their featured running back Darren Walker has only been able to run for 350 yards on 78 rushes with one touchdown on the season.

Even though Walker has only been able to cash in one touchdown, he’s still averaging 4.5 yards per carry. Which begs the question, why haven’t the Seahawks given their running back the ball more often?

That brings us back to the passing game. While ground dominance helps, all rushing attacks need a complimentary passing game to keep the ball moving and the Seahawks' pass game is lost somewhere between their Southbay campus and Catalina Island. Otherwise all it takes is a defensive coordinator who knows what’s coming, and a tough defense with eight guys in the box. Then you’re left with countless third and five to third and longs, with a wall of defenders blitzing more often than the 1985 Chicago Bears.

All that being said, the Corsairs know better than to underestimate their opponents. Head coach Gifford Lindheim, as well as defensive coordinator Steve Garcia seem to always have the Corsair defense prepared, allowing only 210 yards on the ground to this point on the season.

But will the Corsairs stay with the hot hand at quarterback and start Christian Smith? Or will they stay with the consistent and dependable Jake Dashnaw? Head coach Lindheim usually likes to get a sense for how his QBs are performing day of, so it should depend on what the Seahawk’s give them.

The Corsairs will attempt to extend their winning streak this Saturday at 6 p.m. when they travel to LA Harbor College.