SMC demolishes LA Southwest in 56-27 game ender

The Santa Monica College football team looked like the reigning conference champions their fans have come to know over the past three seasons, as they destroyed the LA Southwest College Cougars 56-27 Saturday night. SMC was just too much to handle for the Cougars, as they unleashed multiple quarterbacks against LASW, making it almost impossible to game plan against the Corsairs offense.

In what has become a trademark of the Corsairs offense this season, their multiple quarterback scheme has a lot to do with SMC turning the corner midway through the season, and keeping the intensity at a high level.

Ever since SMC figured out their two QB lineup a few weeks ago, they have looked as close to hitting on all cylinders than at any point this season. But if you ask Coach Lindheim, this team has yet to hit their ceiling.

“I don’t know if we’re hitting on all cylinders but we’ve made improvements throughout the year, and we’ve got to get better this week because we have a hell of a competition coming next Saturday,” head coach Gifford Lindheim said. “I believe the sky is the limit for us if we put it together, and we’re still striving to do that. We’re going to try to get better until the last game of this year, and I think this team has a lot more to give still.”

The Cougars made it as close as a 14-point game in the second half. But despite the LASW narrowing the gap, quarterback Steven Hamm remained unphased as he completed 7-13 passes for 94 yards, and two touchdowns.

“Honestly, it’s all for the team. It’s what we’ve been preparing for this whole season which is the conference championship coming up this week,” said QB Steven Hamm. “Christian [Smith] has been doing really well throughout the whole season, even tonight he had some great drives, and throws, and I was just trying to roll off of his momentum, keep the offense up, keep the tempo up, and everything worked out.”

The Corsairs will now prepare for their biggest game of the season next Saturday, as they get ready to host the only other team undefeated in conference play, the Santa Barbara Vaqueros.

With SMC, and SBCC being the only two teams undefeated in conference play, Saturday’s game will be for much more than bragging rights, it will be for the privilege of being crowned 2014 Western State Conference champions.

“We have a homecoming game, and we’re playing for a share of the conference championship at minimum, so I think motivation won’t be a problem. Now it’s time to get our team prepared to execute well.” Lindheim.

SMC will host Santa Barbara City College next Saturday at 1pm.