Men's volleyball dominates Pierce

The Santa Monica College Corsairs men’s volleyball team defeated the Los Angeles Pierce College Brahmas 3-1 Wednesday, extending their current winning streak to eight games. From the get-go, SMC’s lengthy front line proved advantageous. Sophomore middle blocker Hamzat Agaba, of the Corsairs, had no difficulty in fortifying Santa Monica’s side of the net.

“I like our intensity, we’re getting out there, we’re seeing the setter-- seeing the play, and we’re getting out there with a quick move across the net,” Agaba said.

Agaba, at 6'6, averages 2.1 points-per-game this season and helped lead the Corsairs to a 25-21 first set win.

The third and fourth sets were the nail in the coffin though, as the Corsairs regained their confidence and utilized the athleticism of their front line.

Sophomore Taylor Tattersall, the lanky opposite for the Corsairs, did an astounding job of aiding the defense in the last two sets.

“I’m blessed to be athletic. I just go out there, I play my best, my hardest, and try to contribute to my team’s W overall,” Tattersall said.

Tattersall, who is only in his second year playing right side, is averaging four points per-game this season.

On the opposite end of the hardwood though, Ike Nwachie of the Brahmas made sure to keep his squad’s spirit up. His consistent level of energy throughout the game proved key as Pierce College was able to pull off a 26-24 second set win.

When asked about the second set comeback, Nwachie said, “We totally shook off that first game. We came back all smiles and we knew if we kept our energy up we were out of nothing.”

After brief dialogue, the reserved sophomore commented humbly on his high level of intensity, saying, “that’s actually how I was taught to play volleyball. We were taught to play with high energy and that it can be the game changer.”

And although the Brahmas failed to gain momentum after the second set, Nwachie commended his teammates, saying, “I’m really proud of my team for being able to rally back the way they did. And taking nothing away from the Corsairs-- they’re a great team, but it was a fun match. I had a lot of fun this game.”

Corsairs head coach John Mayer felt that, though Wednesday's win was a good one, the team could build on it going forward.

“In the second set I thought we had a couple lapses, but overall it felt good. We have a lot of weapons,” Mayer said.

Corsair sophomore libero, captain and former Brahma Frankie Manes predicts the future successes of his squadron.

“I think we can do it this year [win a state title.] We have a lot of depth, a lot of height and a lot of sophomores too, which is nice,” Maines said.

What that means is that a large percentage of SMC's roster will be spending their last year in the volleyball program, ultimately giving the men one last shot to leave their mark.

The Corsairs' last men’s volleyball championship was back in 2008, under coach Mayer.

The Corsairs play their next game against the Moorpark Raiders in Moorpark on March 18th.