Women's Soccer Team Blows Out West LA 5-0

With only two minutes remaining on the clock, midfielder Kirsten Ortega’s ran into her teammates open arms to celebrate their victory over their conference rival.

In the early minutes of the game, Kirsten Ortega was able to make an easy goal by way of an incredible assist.

Between these moments, she proved to be too fast for West LA College, bursting through the defense and scoring with ease.

“It’s always good to start the game [strong] because it really motivates the team," Ortega said. “We still had a lot of time to play so there was no time to slack.”

The Corsairs did not slack at all. They were explosive on their drives and they looked unstoppable. West LA appeared confused at times and did not communicate well on the field. The Corsairs made substitutions early in order to let some of the starters rest.

“There was a lot of energy on the floor which is something we always want,” coach Benditson said. “As long as we played with the same energy the rest of the game we would ensure a win.”

The energy was spectacular as the Corsairs were able to make two more goals by the end of the half putting them up 3-0. Things were looking good for the Corsairs at the end of the half and all they needed to do was keep up the energy and stellar play for 45 more minutes.

At the start of the second half, West LA showed to be frustrated as their solid looks at the goal did not turn into points. Two great saves by goalie Karla Pacheco ensured the opponents to stay at zero.

With only three minutes into the second half Hadja Doucoure was able to get through her opponents and score a goal against two defenders. The crowd’s excitement continued as the Corsairs held a 4-0 lead. With 40 minutes still left on the clock, the Corsairs had to stay sharp and continue their domination.

Growing more aggressive, West LA gave it all they had for the final 20 minutes.

“They were playing much harder and more aggressive, but we had to keep our cool because this was our game and we had to finish strong,” Doucoure said. “We got into their heads and it was noticeable, but we just had to stick to playing our game.”

With 18 minutes left on the clock Ortega was able to make the fifth and last goal putting the game to bed. The Corsairs defeated West LA 5-0.

This was the Corsairs’ seventh win of the season and a huge conference win. Coming down the homestretch of their season, this was a good momentum changer for them and they hope that they continue this with their next game.

The Corsairs have two more games against LA Valley and Glendale College. The Corsairs play LA Valley on Tuesday at SMC.