Bailey Peraita

Short bio: Brains and bronzer.

Longer: Bailey like Bailey's Irish Creme. I was actually named after that but unlike, I'm a Los Angeles based journalist that's been featured in large publications such as The Guardian, HotelExecutive and Thought Catalog. Currently, I'm managing editor at The Corsair. I'm a journalist because I hate boundaries. My aim in journalism is to convey the truth- all sides of the story and that's missing in a hefty amount of today's media outlets. When I'm not writing, In my spare time I look for the best possible coffee places, pet dogs, and I'm pretty good at meeting strangers from the Internet. I've worked in the medical field, lived in major cities but I'll always be a thumb wrestling champion that's proficient in Kardashian genealogy. I'm currently working on my undergrad degree, expanding talents and petting dogs in my free time.

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