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Musician Gus Dapperton Brings His Eclecticism to The Fonda

What do 80s synth-pop, psychedelia, bowl cuts, and oversized jackets all have in common? 22-year-old Gus Dapperton is bringing them all back into mainstream popular culture.

Since December of 2017, Dapperton has released numerous singles, three four-track EPS, and – most recently – his first full-length album, Where Polly People Go to Read. The current 2019 United States leg of his tour is named after the album: “The Polly People US Tour.” Dapperton’s tour took him to The Fonda Theatre, a Hollywood-based concert venue, on Monday, Oct. 15, 2019.

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Local Emmy Winner Liz Lachman Brings Award-Winning Movie To Home Town Theater

Much like a child shares characteristics with their mother, Liz Lachman’s films always include resemblances of herself and her life experiences. Her current newborn short film, Pin-Up, starring Angela Sarafyan & Christina Chang, acts as a window into the director’s personal trials and tribulations over the course of her life.

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Green Screen: Evolution of Organic

As the spirit of Earth Day—April 22—often inspires people to reflect on their treatment of the world around them, many find themselves realizing that they do not respect their planet as much as they would like to. However, this is not an irreparable relationship; environmentalists and activists all across the globe have been devising practices for decades that can help humans to coexist with nature, therefore conserving the earth and improving the overall well-being of society.

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Santa Monica Hosts the City's 3rd Annual Denim Day Event to Commemorate the Campaign's 20th Anniversary

On the evening of April 24, people flocked to Santa Monica City Hall decked in denim jackets, jeans and t-shirts. This crowd’s matching attire was no coincidence; all arrived to attend the city’s third annual Denim Day gathering. Santa Monica’s event was organized by the Commission on the Status of Women and included a multitude of speakers, performances and tabling by various sexual violence activist groups.

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Measles Outbreak in the Pacific Northwest Sparks Vaccination Controversy

Although 2019 is only three months in, there have been 206 cases of measles in the United States this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those cases, 74 were attributed to the outbreak in Washington and Oregon. The Pacific Northwest region is known for being heavily anti-vaccination, as Washington, Oregon, and Idaho allow both religious exemptions and personal belief exemptions from vaccinations.

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New Sex Education Reform in California Receives Mixed Responses

Ever since the rise of sex education in the 1960s, debates as to the most appropriate way to implement these programs have existed. On February 19, the group “Informed Parents of California” put on a protest outside of school district offices in Chino, California, in response to the implementation of sex education curriculum under the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA).

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