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Superintendent Jeffery Denies Knowledge of Racist Statements

Superintendent and President of Santa Monica College (SMC), Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery has denied knowledge of racist statements allegedly made by administrators during a meeting of senior staff. At the most recent Board of Trustees meeting, which took place on Tuesday, May 7, Chair Margaret R. Quiñones-Perez stated that a source close to her heard a member of senior management make racist statements at a recent Senior Staff meeting.

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SMC Should Offer Wine Appreciation Classes

Wine is ubiquitous in art and culture. It is found in Shakespeare’s poetry, Mozart’s operas and Picasso’s paintings. Yet, on many college campuses, wine’s dangers overshadow its place in the Humanities. Students have ample opportunities to learn about the dangers of alcohol—and rightly so—but focusing solely on the perils of alcohol is not only incomplete, it is dangerous.

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High Cost of Living Hits SMC's International Students

Ada Unal travelled over five thousand miles from Norway to study business at Santa Monica College. She was attracted to the United States’ open education system which would allow her to change majors more easily than the rigid system in Norway. “I didn’t really know what I wanted to study,” Unal said, “so coming here with the general ed system... it just was a better option for me.”

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