Trailer trash play a winner

Santa Monica College's play "The Trials and Tribulation of a Trailer Trash Housewife," directed by Adrianne Harrop, is a strong play that will make you laugh, cry, infuriate you, and even scare you.

Set in Texas, the play opens with the Piano Player and Blues Singer, played by SMC students Greg Rutledge and Janiqua Nettles, singing a song that sets up the opening scene. These two characters perform these types of songs in-between scenes throughout the play.

The main character is Willadean Winkler, played by SMC student Diane Fidalgo, who is a housewife that suffers from the abuse of her husband J.D. Winkler played by Jason Millward. Her neighbor LaSonia Robinson, played by Deborah Robinson, tries to help out Willadean Winkler by telling her that being silent about her husband's abuse can take her to her death.

Throughout act one, the fear of Willadean towards her husband is strongly apparent as she tries to appease with whatever he desires. J.D. Winkler is a drunk that feels that he has power over his wife because she follows his orders in order to not get mistreated.

Willadean constantly repeats the constant phrase "I will not shrivel up and die" in a scared voice while rocking back and forth in place, bringing to light just how much she has to deal with what she's going through.

One day, she finds her husband cheating on her with the waitress Rayleen Hobbs, played by SMC student Breanna Wittman, and finally decides to stand up to him. With no surprise, J.D reacts angrily and abuses his wife more than usual.

Act one ends with a terrifying scene that will leave the audience in suspense.

Act two surprisingly doesn't begin with the continuation of the cliffhanger scene from the previous act, displaying Willadean Winkler up on her feet as if nothing had happened. This act is where the stronger abuse begins, but it is also where a lot of changes happen.

While beating his wife once more, J.D. yells at his wife saying, "I love you so much Willi and I want you to do what the Bible says so we can be happy." This juxtaposition will remind of the utter insanity in an abusive relationship, and will make watchers of the play boil over with anger.

Each character has an interesting backstory that is revealed as the play goes on. The beginning the play will draw the audience in with its unique opening and will keep them engaged with the compelling storyline.

"The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife" is a must-see play.