Free Zumba workouts in Santa Monica

As people warm up with simple dance moves, talking and laughter fills the room, causing echoes on the wooden interior.

Dance instructor, Michelle Josette, hollers for everyone’s attention. She starts to warm up the crowd with positive reinforcement and funny comments as she begins to show them step by step moves.

This all took place during a free Zumba class was held at the Athleta store on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, last Saturday. It was a part of their "studio month choice" where they choose a studio to provide free classes once a week during one month.

This wasn't the first time Athleta has provided free fitness for the SM Community. "We find studios with the same vision as us; who value the community and bringing the community together,” said Milica Maudi, Manager at the Athleta store.

This month, Moore Dancing studio was in charge for dance classes held every Saturday. The two businesses integrated their mixed marketing to benefit the community with an opportunity to experience Athelta’s fitness clothing and the workout opportunities available at Moore’s dance studio.

Bringing joy to the community is something Maudi strives for.

"I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true," said Maudi, when speaking about how seeing people happy makes her feel good.

Maudi represents the company’s outlook with her enthusiasm. With her experience as a soccer player, and dancer in college, she brings knowledge and insight toward decisions for clothing pertaining to fitness activities.

They schedule the classes for exposure to the store and it’s ambience around the time that new product is displayed into the store for the betterment of their workout.

“I want our customers to know they can rely on us for everything that’s new, fresh, and fun,” Maudi said.

Maudi's enthusiasm has attracted new customers to Moore’s dance studio and Athleta as well as a growing number of attendees to the events each week.

They certainly are brining the community together as varied faces filled the showroom floor to dance. Women and men in fitness gear covered in sweat and smiles as the upbeat music pounds throughout the store and through their moves.

You can find calendar announcements of the free events within the store as well as on the Athleta website.