Santa Monica Art Galleries: hidden gems in Los Angeles' beach city

Overlooking the Santa Monica Pier, a breathtaking view of the ocean, and just steps away from the Third Street Promenade lies the Daniel Rolnik Gallery.

The gallery does not have a big space compared to other art galleries, yet they still have a fairly large amount of smaller art pieces displayed which are very fascinating, and pushing the limits on artistic expression.

Rolnik is a twenty-five year old art aficionado from Los Angeles, and is one of the most personable characters you’d ever meet. Rolnik's dedication to the art world is sure to carry him into a bright future.

Keith Dugas, an artist who's work is on display at the gallery, has a series of famous iconic faces of prints on brown paper bags, and painted art blocks with whimsical phrases related to the icon in some sort of way.

Douglas Alvarez, an artist who's work is also on display, has a canvas pop-out titled "Candy Lips." The bright pink, and multi-colored lips literally come out at you.

Unlike most galleries, Rolnik keeps his place open seven days a week. This is a gallery where all artwork is affordable, and you will definitely walk away from this gallery with a piece of artwork in hand.

A favorite art gallery for photography enthusiasts is the Peter Fetterman Gallery. Located in the art mecca that is Bergamot Station, the Peter Fetterman Gallery has one of the largest 20th century photography collections in the country, particularly in humanist photography.

The gallery has a vast array of photography book collections, and smaller photography prints at some reasonably affordable prices.

In the gallery's grand hall they are showing a photographic series of work by Russian artist/photographer Gregori Maiofis until March 4. Maiofis’s exhibit “Proverbs” is largely based around the interplay between exotic animals and humans.

Veronica Navarretta, a student at the School of Photography at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, accompanied by her daughter, a budding artist, said that they both thoroughly enjoyed the Peter Fetterman Gallery.

Another notable gallery to visit is the Tag Gallery also located in the Bergamot Station.

The gallery holds many art collections from emerging artists, and the price point is very reasonable for beginning collectors.

The Tag Gallery’s director Melanie Ross said, “It makes perfect sense for beginning collectors to start off by supporting emerging artists, because how will emerging artists ever make it? You can sometimes find more cutting edge work from newer artists.”

Ross believes there's something for everyone at this art gallery. “Seize the day when it comes to visiting art galleries, and take full advantage of what the art's culture has to offer. Whether it is visiting an art gallery or seeing a play, art is always changing," she said.

Vicky Hoffman, an artist from Los Angeles, has a very eloquent abstract art exhibition series at the Tag gallery entitled, "Transitions.” Each piece either filled with abstract blocks, colored swirls, or soft multicolored tones went through a resin-like process to create all thirteen pieces in the collection. Each piece from the series is for sale at a very affordable price for any level art collector.

These are just a few of the many art galleries that you can find in Santa Monica. With so much art culture in Santa Monica you are sure to find something that intrigues you.