Cleansing the wells: project to bring clean drinking water to rural Mexico expands


Santa Monica College students Andres Rennella and Corey Eichenberger, founders of the non-profit Pure Drift, just returned from their last trip to Northern Baja, Mexico, where they installed water filters at a local orphanage in La Morelos. Come fall, the Pure Drift crew will embark on a four-month drive through Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America distributing water filters to communities in need. This recent trip was a reprise of the adventure this paper covered last November, in which the team traveled with a group from the SMC photo department to document the local people, and the quality of their local drinking water.

Pure Drift has raised $4,200 of their $16,000 goal, so far, and are eager to spread the word to local communities and businesses interested raising awareness of the ongoing international water crisis and contributing tools to make a difference.

Through active involvement in social media, reaching out to businesses in the surf and adventure communities, and a Kickstarter campaign they will launch early this summer, Pure Drift hopes to raise the rest of the money needed. Donations will be used to buy filters - Pure Drift hopes to distribute 200 or more filters - and pay for trip expenses (permits and visas, gasoline, equipment, and food).

If you want to contribute or donate with this project, you can learn how at or find them on Instagram @puredrift_