Before the show: images of Global Motion in rehearsal

On Friday and Sunday SMC's Dance Department once again staged its grand romp of global dances and international melodies known as Global Motion.

But days before the performance, Corsair photographer Daniel Boyer was present at the rehearsals. His images capture the grace, beauty and athletic precision of the SMC dance department's performers and choreographers.

Boyer was given the rare opportunity to witness SMC dancers rehearse before an intimate setting without a large audience.

As is custom, Global Motion featured an array of dances ranging from the West to the East. Boyer photographed performers as they practiced under rich lights, framed by lush settings, dances such as "El Son del Mariachi" from Mexico, choreographed by student Maritza Olmos and Ashley Ramirez and "Voices From The Veil" from the Middle East, the brainchild of SMC faculty choreographer Jennifer Jesswein.

Even modern hybrids of Latin and rock music such as Santana were thrown into the mix for pieces such as "Santana Dreams Of Love."

Boyer's photography has the power of still paintings only because his lens captured pieces that were crafted with elegance by SMC students and instructors. His images are a testament to the kind of international culture the dance department has fostered, bathed in gorgeous imagination.