Skater's Paradise: Venice Skatepark brings old and new generations together

Also known as Dennis "Polar Bear" Agnew Memorial Skatepark, surrounded by beach sand and palm trees, Venice Skate Park is an icon of California and the skateboard culture.

The park is set in the heart of the area formerly known as Dogtown, historic birthplace of the skateboard movement. It is designed to mimic the empty private swimming pools that the original mischievous residents of Dogtown used to skate in illegally.

Unlike in the old days, today’s Venice Skatepark emanates a much more friendly atmosphere where eight-year-old skateboarders mingle with older pros and everyone gets along most of the time.

According to Brian Waters, a local Venice Skatepark regular, "People get along here most of the time but I've seen a lot of fights too." That said, the police station is across the way so things don't get too out of control.

Some of the skaters like Nate Smith live just down the street but others like “Caveman," Dion Van Gysel and Dylan Brasch from Las Vegas are only spending the day here before driving up the Coast to San Francisco.

Watching the skaters practice their daring tricks over and over, it's a wonder how they don’t suffer more injuries.