Editors Pick The Most Bizarre Moments of the 2016 Presidential Election

This Insane Snapchat From Hillary Clinton

By: Jacob Hirsohn, Editor-in-Chief

This election has been politically miserable. It’s been the story of an incredibly uninspiring moderate crushing her opponent by very rightfully attaching his character and personality flaws, while running a severely empty campaign.

What has made the election captivating and enjoyable has been the absurdity of the entire affair.

It started in the primaries. While the Democratic primaries were mainly just depressing, the Republican primaries were complete chaos, with Donald Trump spending every debate making absolute fools out of the various weirdos and morons he shared the stage with. Plus, Ben Carson was a legitimate candidate for a second there, which is completely bonkers.

But that absurdity carried all throughout the general election, mainly via Trump and the wacky group of characters that support him and work alongside him. When thinking of my favorite moment from the election, I thought for sure I would write about something trump did, like his storm of tweets against Paul Ryan, his bizarre debate behavior, or his weird habit of hugging the American flag on stage.

Clinton’s campaign has been absurd as well though. And this amazing Snapchat she sent out captures why people don’t like her on a personal level, why Millennials don’t respond to her, and exactly how the 2016 election became such a weird farce.

This Awkward Fumble at the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate

By: September Dawn Bottoms, Digital Editor

I  remember when Donald Trump announced that he was running for president. I thought it was a joke. Could the same man who coined the phrase “You’re Fired!” really be the leader of our nation?  Is this real life?

And then it was real life, but it still didn’t feel like real life, you know? In fact, the election as a whole STILL doesn’t feel like real life.

Trump has been nothing but a blundering idiot and Hillary has done nothing but try and defend herself against his blunderingly idiotic comments about her. It’s been an empty campaign, with empty discussions and one that holds absolutely no hope for the next four years.

The clip I chose as my favourite moment during the election is an awkwardly embarrassing moment during the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Debate when several candidates, starting with Ben Carson, falter at the simplest task of entering the stage. For some reason, Carson stops mid-stride when his name was announced and instead of entering the stage, stands idly by with clasped hands and blank expression. Donald Trump walks out, takes notice of Carson’s hesitation and follows suit. Poor John Kasich was completely forgotten, and all three candidates podiums were empty as the debate began until the poor announcer re-announced each candidate's names and waited for them to peek shyly from around the corner and take the stage.

I found myself laughing uncontrollably at this painful introduction to the Republican candidates. It perfectly defines and reflects the chaos and confusion that has surrounded the entire election.

Gary Johnson didn’t know what Aleppo was, Donald Trump spews racial hatred and controls his followers with fear and Hillary? Well, Hillary is just “Chillin’ in Cedar Rapids.”  

This Ridiculous Twitter Exchange Between Trump & El Chapo

By: Christian Monterrosa, Digital Editor

With so many bizarre and hardly newsworthy events that took place this election season, it is hard to pick one that sticks out from the bunch. However, one moment stood out to me that highlighted the novelty of Donald Trump’s candidacy, the sophistication of the Mexican drug cartel, and the digital age we now live in.

Back in July of 2015, Donald Trump addressed the mexican drug lord, El Chapo, in a tweet saying that as president, he would “kick his ass.”


At the time, Trump’s controversial statements had already been getting him in hot water. This time, his large social media presence landed in the eyes of one Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

It is yet to be confirmed it was actually him, but “El Chapo” replied to the now Republican Presidential Candidate via an unverified Twitter account.

“Keep fucking around, and I’ll make you eat all of your goddamn words,” replied El Chapo. Followed by insults that probably had Mr. Trump looking over his shoulder for the next couple of days.

Of course, Donald Trump followed up by reporting the Tweets to the FBI, but my question is: did Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman finally get found and arrested because he asked Sean Penn how to verify his Twitter page?