Update to "Four A.S. Directors Step Down"

The Associated Students resigning directors of the term are making way for the candidates that will be filling up those positions.
As mentioned in last week's issue, four positions are up for grabs even though only three were declared vacant by the A.S.
The following positions include: Director of Activities, Director of Financial Support, A.S. Secretary and Student Trustee.
The vacancies will be filled as soon as the applicants are reviewed by the current A.S. directors themselves as well as faculty with the deadline of March 1 in mind.
Students can vote on the election date starting from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. The elections will begin on April 4-7 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
The four day election process will make way the new directors that will represent the student body for the coming year.
SMC students are greatly encouraged to run for the positions while keeping in mind the qualifications which need to met, and the responsibility that comes hand in hand with the positions.
"It's a wonderful leadership opportunity," said Cecile Hanrahan, Santa Monica College counselor.
The A.S. arranges activities in order to get students involved in the upcoming A.S. elections. Last weeks Pizza Bash was a success in that the A.S. directors, professors, and counselors united in order to influence the students to vote.
The Pizza Bash being the first event of the Spring 2005 semester was a well organized event which was arranged in order to familiarize SMC students with the A.S. board members as well as the dates on the upcoming elections.
"There's probably a large contingency of students that may not be familiar with what the A.S. is," said Hanrahan. Students are encouraged to find out more about the elections and in some cases maybe even run.
The A.S. Board of Directors basically represents the student voice and makes decisions on policies and spending of funds.
There are certain qualifications that the candidates need to bring forth to the table. According to the A.S. constitution their mission is to "promote educational advancement, inform students of available resources and services, and to encourage greater student involvement on campus."
Of the twelve positions in which the A.S. board is composed of, four are currently vacant for the upcoming year.
The A.S. representatives who will be elected by SMC students this year will strive to represent student interests and to approve spending AS money which students pay a $10 fee during registration which goes towards activities and clubs, and on campus events.