Godbold is Orginal in Reprographics

Cecil Godbold is a motivated, conscientious and a disciplined employee. He has been part of the Los Angeles community for his entire life. He was born in Central Los Angeles and, according to Godbold, his was the greatest mother you could ever have. She sacrificed a lot for him to get a good Christian education.

Godbold majored in secondary education at Lubbock Christian College in Texas. He also served in the United States Air Force for four years where he was trained in reprographics.

"So I am doing what I love," said Godbold.

Godbold lives with his wife of 23 years, Karroll. They have three children.

Godbold is a youth minister at Raverly Resource Center, where he teaches young people responsibility, talks to kids about the danger of drugs, tutors and conducts job training.

Godbold works for what some call the "nervous system" of Santa Monica College - Reprographics at the Media Center.

"Cecil's commitment and direct involvement in African-American youth development programs make him a respected and valued leader in the greater Los Angeles community," said Al DeSalles, manager of media and graphic services.

"His strong work ethic, organizational skills and customer service philosophy make him a very admirable person in the Reprographics Department and our college community," said Fred Zimmerman, electronic repair specialist for the Media Center.According to Zimmerman, Godbold has been the savior at the Media Center, especially when they get deluged with printing exams, syllabi, text books, flyers, and handouts.

"Cecil is a great coworker always willing to listen to other coworkers' opinions, suggestions and comments and if in disagreement always replies in a polite and inoffensive manner," added Zimmerman.

Godbold is also a job steward for the California School Employees Association, Chapter 36 at SMC. As job steward, Godbold represents classified employees and works out conflicts between workers and management. Godbold also served as officer on the CSEA Chapter 36 Board. "Cecil is a great guy and ought to be considered for Employee of the Year. Better yet, he should be promoted to College President," said Zimmerman.