SMC Professor Frank Dawson Communicates His Passion

For Professor Frank Dawson, teaching is more than just a job - it is a passion.

"I love influencing my students; teaching keeps me young, tolerant and current. I love the energy I get from teaching," Dawson said.

A professor of communication here at Santa Monica College, Dawson does not merely lecture on broadcasting but brings the medium to life with his own personal experience in the field where he is very successful.

"Professor Dawson is a much disciplined teacher. He serves as a mentor for how to break into a career in broadcasting. He instills in his students to achieve higher; to believe in themselves," said former student, Sendeu Flippin, who is a film major in his last semester at SMC. "He (Dawson) is always available to his students outside of class. He is very influential, he advised me in my own career aspirations. Dawson instilled in me to give 100 percent, to be proud of who you are."

Born in New York City, Dawson's credentials are quite impressive.

A graduate of the prestigious Cornell University, and Syracuse University, Dawson began his career in radio broadcasting.

He quickly moved up the ladder to producing and writing for network programs at CBS.

He founded his own production company, Regis IV Entertainment, which led him to a very lucrative television production deal with entertainment giant Universal Studios. His deal with Universal Studios entails developing a variety of comedy and dramatic TV series projects.

Dawson's mother has been the most important person in his life.

"My mom had a huge influence in my life," said Dawson.

As a child his mother would prophetically call him "little professor."

Dawson comes across as a very kind, intelligent and perceptive person.

Even though he achieved exceptional success, Dawson is very humble.

He believes his children, a grown son and daughter, both college graduates are his "shining accomplishments."

"He is a great dad!" said his daughter Nia with great admiration. "We have a very close family.

He inspired me to further my education, encouraged us to be well-rounded individuals."

Barbara Baird, professor of journalism here at the college believes that Dawson is a priceless asset to SMC.

"Frank is a very successful teacher, who brings to us a professional perspective on the television industry, using his own knowledge and experience."

Baird is not reluctant to share her personal views on Dawson.

"He is very charismatic, really a fabulous guy."