EDITORIAL: Will Week of Resistance Make a Difference?

With the recent events going on around campus, it is a wonder if anything is going to make a difference.

The recent, appropriately entitled "Week of Resistance," has caused many students to organize and speak out for what they believe.

There will be walk-outs, rallies and speakers that have prepared to raise the main issues involving our campus.

Although, through the overflow of issues, arises the question of whether or not these rallies and student organized walkouts will truly make a dramatic change. Basically, is it all worth it?

There is not only a group of issues that are being raised, but there are only a few that have relevance to our school.

The war in Iraq has been going on for years now, and a one rally can't make a huge difference.

The important issues that seem to be more relevant are the parking meters and, in the light of Women's History Month, women's rights.

This campus is extremely involved in the world around us, but let's make sure we stay grounded to the important problems that affect our everyday lives.

Let us rally for the causes that we can truly change, things that have a larger impact on what we call our personal freedom.

Everyone has a right to choose, everyone also has the right to change what they feel is wrong, but at a local and campus level, there should be a stronger focus on issues that can be easily changed.