L.A. Mayoral Elections Results in Run-Off

The Los Angeles mayoral election held Tuesday, March 7, decided that current Mayor James Hahn and Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa would participate in the runoff election on May 17.

The candidates that were on the ballot were incumbent Hahn, and four well-respected members of the city, former-Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg, State Senator Richard Alarcon, Villaraigosa and Bernard Parks.

Candidates campaigned through Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, San Pedro, and Eagle Rock in the hopes of winning enough votes to be L.A.'s next Mayor.

However, none of the candidates received the majority votes, resulting in the runoff.

"I voted for Villaraigosa. He seemed like the best choice," said Santa Monica College student and Los Angeles resident Jose Sagastume.

"No, I didn't feel like it was an important election, because it was preliminary, the issues weren't that important to me either," Sagastume said.

Issues at stake include the air quality issue in the Harbor area of San Pedro. The environmental impact that they hope to achieve there should keep all those good things going, Hahn said in the Daily Breeze.

Another issue is the situation of dealing with neighborhood councils more frequently and more seriously than ever before.

"We are embracing the neighborhood councils. The community is involved in government for a change and we don't want to lose that momentum," Hahn said.

Villaraigosa also said something to that effect, as he recently visited veterans of World War II in the Filipino Community center in Eagle Rock, and informed them that the mayor's office isn't moving there with the current mayor, and he also said that a new mayor is needed to bring about passion and energy to the mayor's office according to the Daily Breeze.

"I am undecided about who is going to win," Sagastume said. At this rate, it could be anyone's guess as to who will win in the run-off election come May 17.