ME vs. Protesters[editorial]

Author: Brent Kim (I would like to remain anonymous if this is printed.)

A message to the protestors against military recruiting on campus:

Oh liberal/radical protesters of small stature! How does one have the male genitalia to protest against something you know nothing about? You! The one holding the sign saying, "Sign petition to ban military recruiters!" Did you ever have experience in the United States military services? I am presuming not since the way you walk and approach people telling them of your weak cause, make you look as though you have flat feet! Where is the proof of your flimsy accusations? One of them being, "They don't really give you money for college! They're lying!" I would like to see thee with thy own eyes standing next to one of the many veterans attending SMC with them supporting your cause. Another fantasy of mine would be to see you very protesters hiking in the California wilderness with more than 100 pound rucksacks on your backs. I doubt I will ever see the day, let alone you protesters being able to hold up your Styrofoam signs for more than a minute at a time. I also question the maturity of you protesters, especially the ones standing directly next to the military recruiters holding up your signs with immature little smirks on your faces that show a cry for attention. I believe you protesters are the typical, standard, liberal, un-life experienced, ranters that complain about everything. Since were on the subject of free speech, I believe your protest is amended and acknowledgeable, but one other right protrudes in my mind; that people have the right of choice, and if one does not want to join the military, one is not required to approach and talk to the military recruiters. That leaves the question, "What do you protesters have to complain about? The recruiters are just standing there ready to talk to anyone who approaches. They do not shove signs and recruiting paraphanelia into students' faces. Then what is your objection to the recruiters? Does their very presence bother you? I'll be honest, your very presence bothers me because of your weak cause, but I will not waste my inalienable rights trying to get people to sign a petition to get rid of you very protesters...or would I?...Nope, I won't. My cause would be weak, pointless, and based on personal preference, JUST LIKE YOURS.

Yours truly,
Mr. Furious