SMC's Hashimoto, Artigas Step up in Singles Matches

Last Tuesday the Santa Monica College's tennis team, the Corsairs, went up against Allan Hancock College's Bulldogs on SMC's court.

The Corsairs played a tough game as their efforts to win earned a score of 9-8, which led to a victory for the Bulldogs with the tie breaker at three points.

The Bulldogs defeated SMC the previous week, March 8, with a score of 6-3 at AHC in a Western State Conference match.

During the game, SMC's Blanca Munoz lost to Clair Lozano after suffering back pain in a singles match.

Ana Carola Artigas had a close victory at 6-2, 5-7 and 6-0.

The outcome of both lead to to one of SMC's only two wins in the singles match.

The Bulldogs eventually took victory on all three doubles rounds, with a pivotal score of 9-8 ending in a tie breaker at three points.

However, the situation was quite different last Thursday for SMC during the intense and chilly match-up against the Ventura College Pirates.

Beneath balmy skies and a scarce crowd, the game began shortly after two o'clock with both teams coming together to wish oneanother good luck as all six courts filled with players.

Rolling green hills surround the college as Masami Hashimoto took the first win with a score of 6-2 and 6-4 in her singles match.

Each player from both teams went up against each other based on their performance level, and such was obvious amidst missed hits and intense shots.

During the game, SMC Head Coach Richard Goldenson and VC's Bob Holycross spoke peacefully with one another as they watched on.

A cool breeze in the courts added a chill to the game as the women played on.

Whoops and hollers of support caught a few of the players off guard, though the encouragement seemed appreciated nonetheless.

After the singles round ended, the Corsairs still had a shot to win a doubles match.

In the few remaining moments of the last doubles game, SMC took victory over Ventura when a tie breaker ended in favor of Hashimoto and Munoz.

Immediately after the game finished, Hashimoto was overrun in a flurry of arms as joyful screams filled the air.

Moments thereafter everyone then raced for their jackets and sweaters as the cold was quite apparent during the game.

Both teams congratulated each other as they dispersed.