A.S. President: Lillian Cavalieri

In the running to replace Jeronimo Saldana for the position of Associated Students' president in the upcoming elections is Lillian Cavallieri.

If elected, she will be the official spokesperson for the A.S., with duties including addressing general students concerns, responsibility for the execution of the A.S. Constitution and By-laws and preside over all Board of Directors meetings.

She will also become a member of A.S. Finance Committee.

The 19-year-old is currently the director of budget management and treasurer of the Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) honor society.
As A.S. President, her agenda includes resolving the school's parking problems by petitioning for a new parking structure, buying a new shuttle and developing a pass program with the Big Blue Bus service, that primarily services the Santa Monica area.

Also on her agenda is the issue of textbook prices. Other than trying to obtain a discount on book prices sold on campus, Cavallieri has also been busy with an online textbook exchange website that will be implemented within the next few months.

Other goals include solidifying the clubs by obtaining funding of $1000 per club, per semester and getting programs such as the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) program instituted on campus and creating affiliations with the various programs.