Pupils of the caribbean

This semester Club Row was held at the Library Pathway, but the new location didn't deter the crowds of students who came to partake of Santa Monica College's clubs fun and fundraising.
This semester's theme was the Caribbean, and while some clubs caught the spirit more than others, all of them appeared to have a good time.
Some club members even wore costumes, including body paint, feathers and hula skirts. Many clubs also sold food, undaunted by the stricter regulations enforced by the college.
The different clubs on campus celebrated their unity and diversity as well as this semester's theme.
Drummers joined together in rhythm at the Desi Club booth. The club celebrates the diversity of Pakistani and Indian culture.
Club Corsair sold photos so participants could remember the ephemeral spirit of Club Row.
Pan-African Student Union held a limbo competition and played steel drum and Caribbean music.
The club was especially popular and many costumed club members danced about the booth. PASU also sold plantains and other Caribbean and African style foods.
The Spanish club had a booth decorated for the Spanish Maine - the Colonial Era Caribbean, complete with the Jolly Roger (the skull and cross-bones flag flown by corsairs and buccaneers) and club members dressed in pirate costumes with hats and eye patches. The club sold Mexican food, including corn tamales.
ICC Vice Chair Chauncey McClain was Club Row's organizer, and he stood at the DJ booth set up on the steps of the Letters and Sciences building across from the Library, making announcements and listening to the DJ who played hip-hop and popular music.

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