E3 2005 Expo arrives in May

No other trade show in the
world has as many video games,
elaborately worn costumes and as
many video game companies as
does the Electronic Entertainment
The event will be held at the
Los Angeles Convention Center,
from May 18 through May 20.
The Corsair has been given the
opportunity to visit and view the
next installment of Halo, among
other games.
So why should you care? E3 is
not to be missed out as it proves to
be benefi cial and educational.
This year the three biggest
companies in the console market
will introduce the next line in home
video game products, causing a
buzz in the media and the gaming
Sony will show off its Playstation
3, Microsoft its Xbox2, currently
called Xbox 360 and Nintendo
still in the race with the Nintendo
Revolution. E3 will yield many
new developments from Sony and
"I'm particularly excited over
Nintendo DS titles and the 'Project
Revolution,'" said Santa Monica
College student Tim Brown.
While some people are really
into Nintendo or Microsoft,
students like Saladin Thomas have
other favorites.
"I don't have an Xbox, but I'm
looking forward to the Xbox2. I'm
heavily anticipating the PS3 and
already budgeting on spending
however much it's going to cost,
said Thomas. "Plus, there's the girls
at the booths!"
People are waiting for specifi c
game titles, consoles, accessories,
and others are just waiting to see
the models dressed up as video
game heroes.
People who are interested in
gaming are of course enthusiastic,
while others are not. Rose
McSweeney is one student who
isn't as interested, said "E3? Yeah
my brother might be coming into
town for it, but it's not really my
scene. I'm more into comics than