Board of Trustees Chair

Chair of the Sant Monica College Board of Trustees for 26 years, Carole Currey plays a key role in decisions reached at each Board meeting which filters down to the SMC faculty.
However Currey remains modest about her responsibilities, insisting on the democratic nature of the meetings. "I don't have much authority over decisions, my job is only to preside the committee," said Currey.

The next board of Trustee's meeting, scheduled on May 9, will discuss the appointment of a committee of 'head hunters' for the search of a new Santa Monica College' President. This tedious process is on top of Currey's priorities.
"The superintendant is an important leader, so his/her appointment will immediately impact on SMC students'future."
(I talked to Elsa, she said she will go to the board meeting today and make the appropriate changes by tuesday morning.)

As a true multi-tasker, Currey also manages to teach current affairs and history classes to older adults through the Culver City Unified School District 's adult education.
"I have a work ethic. It's very American," said Currey.
Apart from a brief carrier in commercial real estate, Currey has always enjoyed teaching. "Teaching is a very rewarding experience for me," said Currey. "Students seem to enjoy and contribute from the information shared."
Currey has always been driven to explore the richness of different cultures, and languages. She studied French and Art History at the Sorbonne University of Paris, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in those disciplines, as well as a master's degree in teaching English from Columbia University's Teachers College.
"I have a passion for learning, I guess it is my belly button," said Currey.
Keeping up with current issues and being active in her community in an effort to improve it, represents another of Currey's passions.
As her three children went to school in Santa Monica, Currey jumped in and became actively involved in the school district, and later became a popular member of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District.

"I had put so much time into kindergartens and schools that it became tiring," said Currey. "So when the SMMUSD separated into two boards, schools and colleges, I thought it would be refreshing to change environments and volunteer for the (Santa Monica) College's board," said Currey.