Federal Work Cut Back From Students

The current cutback in the Federal Work Study program will cause hardships to Santa Monica College students and the departments where they work.

The problem is mainly that students, dependent on their Work Study hours for books, bills, or even food, are not going to be the only ones affected by the slice in hours.

The people for whom they work for will also be forced to continue the rest of the semester without the assistance of the students.

"It's going to be harder for supervisors to deal with having to interview and find the appropriate replacements to do the job," said Jonathan Derby, current SMC student and Work Study recipient.

It is ridiculous to think that students and faculty are both being affected by the loss, as well as losing whatever skills that were being acquired as a result of working on campus. The purpose of working on campus in a professional environment is essential for all students who work in order to develop their jobs skills, which will land them in future professional positions.

There is a need to understand the person or persons behind the dilemma, and where the system went wrong.

Finding out the terms for the elimination of hours will give the students and faculty a better understanding of the reason behind the cuts, which should in turn would let the public decide whose mostly responsible.

As an anti-Schwarzenegger campus, if the idea of getting hours cut came from Sacramento, then it deserves action.

If it was just a standard error that went undetected until after the hours where dirstibuted, then it is important to know what went wrong in order to prevent the situation from reoccuring. It is very inconvenient for students who will no longer have jobs, as well as for employers, who will no longer have employees.