Schwarzenegger at Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College has invited Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the commencement speaker for this year's graduation.
This decision has upset many students, faculty and staff as a result of strong political beliefs.
What many students don't know is that the governor was enrolled at SMC from 1971-1974, which might be a reason as to why SMC seems to be his preferred community college.
Some who support the governor believe that the entire idea is a good one.
"It's a great idea for Arnold to speak to students, because he is in particular an inspirational role model," said SMC student Jason Melton.
Although some SMC students are in complete opposition to Schwarzenegger attending this year's graduation, some that advocate for Schwarzenegger in belief that his presence will be honored.
"It's a political thing. I'm pro-Schwarzenegger," said Melton.
Of course politics is involved so individuals have strong political views, which might oppose or support Schwarzenegger.
Some students are not fond of Schwarzenegger and how he has structured the budget deficit, let alone having him speak at graduation.
Numerous SMC students feel the recent fee increases are not the only answer to the state's budget woes, and most students blame the governor.
The governor has not addressed the state budget's structural deficit, thus he has failed to fulfill his responsibilities as governor.
"Having the governor at this year's graduation would be a disaster," said SMC student Lillian Navarro.
Overall, the idea of having the governor attend the ceremony will cause some controversy around campus.
Campus officials expect a large turnout of the media press and protestors, and many students who are graduating, may not be pleased.
Whether or not the students are please, the Governator, "Will Be Back."