This week in Crime Watch

On April 27, a vending machine at the Santa Monica College Airport campus was broken into. "This case is particularly significant because the crime was committed in broad daylight." said SMCPD spokesperson, Officer Mike Champagne. The theft, which occurred at 7:15 a.m., was caught on film.

Approximately $400 was lost during the theft and the suspects have yet to be apprehended. The suspects are not believed to be SMC students.

In addition, the past fortnight saw a decrease in the number of reported robberies, but an increase in on-campus alcohol violations.
"There was a case where two males were caught drinking alcohol in front of the bookstore," said Champagne. "One was an ex-student and the other; well I don't think you could consider him a student, he was only taking one class."(this quote is not really good because a person taking even a single class is a student regardless.)
Speaking about the decline in robbery cases, Champagne said, "The way the population works, during the beginning of the semester we see a sudden rush of many incidences which tapers off towards the end of the semester."
Consistently high were cases of lost property, traffic offences consisting of hit-and-runs and accidents, as well as trespassing by transients.