Governor to Speak at SMC June 14

Governor Schwarzenegger should absolutely be a welcomed guest speaker for SMC's graduating class (Article, May 11). In spite of his political stand views, he is still the president of our state, so to speak. You must compare him to President Bush, who despite of his political party, is welcomed by many as a guest speaker. Let us not forget that Governor Arnold was a student at SMC for 4 years. Thus, giving him full right to speak at our school, while given respect by all. Besides, he holds an important role to our state. I am sure he can have a positive and inspirational effect on the students here, considering he was one of us.

If you were to oppose a person's beliefs based on his/her standings in politics, then you are a blind critic. It is ridiculous to hold judgment against someone without hearing what he/she has to say. His presence at our school will do no harm; rather it will be an honor to have our state's governor speaking at our school. If the students of SMC who are upset that Gov. Schwarzenegger is going to be our guest speaker and their reasoning is based on his political status, then that is just plain ignorance.

Jubin Soleimani