Lewis shows the way to success

When Santa Monica College students need help in approaching employment opportunities, Employment Specialist Marcia A. Lewis is poised and ready to show them the way.
She conducts workshops through the Career Services Center concerning aspects of employability that must be mastered to successfully compete in the job market.
These skills include resume writing, interviewing, looking for jobs, teaching students to recognize what they have to offer as individuals to the work force, and even how to interact with prospective employers.
"I'm so old fashioned, but I think the computer age has really taken a lot away from the way people care and interact with each other," said Lewis. "When it's time to show up, and you're doing one-on-one in person, you have to know how to dress, how to speak, and how to share."
When Lewis isn't helping students find their employment niche, she's tending to her private practice as a career consultant.
Before coming to SMC seven years ago, Lewis worked in corporate outplacement, which helped professionals to transition into looking for work when their companies downsized or folded. Along with the same skills she teaches students, she taught the soon-to-be-unemployed how to network, and to be humble."
"I just got tired of it," said Lewis. "I wanted to feel less delayed gratification, and more of an instant gratification, and I get that here."
She talked about the importance of encouraging students to find a profession that they are excited about versus settling for a job of convenience.
"It's so important - and that's what our career counselors keep trying to tell the students - to find what your passion is and do that as your career," said Lewis. "I found it. I love the world of work. I love counseling, and I love helping people to find out what their passion is."
Lewis has just recently married and is experiencing passion in every area of her life. She beamed when she described her immense enjoyment of her husband and married life. She describes herself as a "family girl" and said that she loves the outdoors.
She also enjoys creative endeavors such as papermaking, a process that she finds meditative and rewarding.
"I just believe that you should do what you love and love what you do," Lewis said.