Mariachis Delight Cayton Center

In the Cayton Center music from one end to another was in the air. Tables were set up with tablecloths on them.

This was no longer the Cayton Center but more like a cantina without the food. Eight mariachis, "Mariachi Los Amigos" were there to entertain us all.

This was Twilight Tuesday and tonight it was in the Cayton Center not the cafeteria.

According to Monica Serratos, counseling aide of the Associated Students, the performance was upstairs as she didn't want the music to disturb those who were studying for finals.

For an hour they entertained the crowd with several songs. Some of the members from time to time sang ballads in Spanish to go along with the songs.

Mariachi Los Amigos is an eight-person band - six men and two women.

When the hour was over the wonderfully crafted music that flew through the air inside the Cayton Center was no more.

The audience gave a rousing approval with loud applause which replaced the void left when the sound of music had stopped.