This week in Crime

The culprit involved in two armed robberies which occurred on the Santa Monica College campus in March has been apprehended.

"He was picked up after being involved in some other crimes," said SMCPD spokesperson, Officer Mike Champagne, who, along with the victims, testified against the culprit in court. The 17-year-old, who cannot be named as he is a minor, was charged with armed robbery and went to trial on May 17.

Also significant this month, are a series of car break-ins with Apple iPods as the primary targets.The pricey MP3 players appear to be becoming the fast favorite of thieves, who use the smash, grab and run tactic, especially when they are docked in full view to their car-stereo adaptors.

"We want to warn students that if they have iPods, don't display them in the car. We have had two break-ins already," said Champagne. The theft of the iPods occurred on May 11 and 13 at Parking Structure A.

"The convertible had its top punched opened and the other car was smashed open with a rock," said Champagne. "Only the iPods were stolen," he said. SMCPD would like to advise the exercise of good judgment, and keeping valuables away from view when leaving your vehicle unattended.