... And All Creatures Big And Small

A few years ago as I watched a KCET program about the slaughtering of bears as a form of hobby, I remember wishing the worst to happen to the individuals who indulged themselves in such acts.
But I realized that such acts derive from ignorance and that the individuals themselves were not entirely guilty for their lack of knowledge, common sense and regard for nature.
It was then that I decided to turn my disappointment into something productive and meaningful.
Up until my high school graduation I didn't have the slightest idea of ways to possibly act on my passions without coming off as a "tree hugger" or crazed animal lover.
However once in college I knew the world of journalism and communications was precisely the one I needed to choose.
Not only was being in these courses exhilarating but it opened my eyes wider than I ever imagined and assured me of the immense power that lies in the hands of individuals. Reading about Ida Wells Barnett and Nelly Bly and all they achieved through their writing makes it all the more promising for me to one day accomplish the same.
It made it clear that both journalism and communications are great mediums for our society today, despite the negative reputation the field of journalism has.
In a few years after all the education and personal experience I will have had, I will see to educate people who still believe that there's nothing wrong with killing another living creature for the mere luxury of wearing its fur or skin.
If my plans seem overzealous, I'm fine with that because a life with no passionate purpose can't possibly be a life worth living.
I, however, know that much more can be achieved with a determined passion.As Diderot also said, "Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things."