He Got Game! And Lots of it! E3 Escapades Plus More

The year is almost over. It was a long year and a lot of hard work has been done and a very long Wednesdays for the online staff.
Updating a newspaper website that needed a lot of work and still needs a lot of work.
I would like to thank my staff Chad K. Uyeno and Aston Tan because without them updating the Corsair newspaper website would have been a pain. But let me tell you something about me.
I am a video game fan to the extent of nobody else. I am very happy that the world lets me cover the video game industry and actually pays me to do so.
I just attended the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as its known for short to most people. I saw the new consoles by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
I enjoyed attending parties with the big boys from the above mentioned companies including a party held by Best Buy, Nyko and Namco at the Avalon. Games are my life I play games and more games.
I think I am one of the few people that attend E3 and I don't try to pick up as much freebies as I can possibly fit in a small bag.
I am there to play games and lots of them. Especially since this year E3 covered 2700 city blocks with the latest games and accessories.
I played games like LA Rush, Madden 2006 and I saw video of games like GUN Grand Theft Auto Liberty Stories and so many more.
That's enough about me and what I really love doing so much.
So it was great being your online editor and heading the Corsair newspaper's online division.
Next semester I will be back and I will try to get a bigger team and see about having video and audio available online as well as working with Brad Lemonds in the broadcasting lab to work on what is currently titled Corsair Radio on KWRF.
We hope to supply you with the latest news in three different forms. Online in print and on the radio.
The next semester will be a big one and we at the Corsair are ready to bring you the most up-to-date news about the college and our community.