Of Shaq, LeBron and Carmelo

With NBA Finals set to begin on June 9, and the only thing to watch is ex-Los Angeles Lakers dominant center Shaquille O'Neal make a run at his sixth finals appearance and fourth championship attempt with the Miami Heat.
Now that the NBA season came to an end at the start of the playoffs for most L.A. fans, we keep an eye on SportsCenter, ESPN, and the L.A. Times wondering what the status of Phil Jackson's return will be. In a recent article by staff writer of the Daily News Ross Siler reported that Kobe Bryant and Jackson are trying to set up a meeting to discuss and come to an understanding about working together.
With all the talk and criticism aimed at Bryant during last off-season and this season about dismantling the Laker Dynasty of one of the greatest one-two punch in NBA history. Shaq made the decision to move on, not Kobe.
Now Shaq is a Heat.
I can remember back in 1996 when he was standing next to the greatest General Manager in the history of the NBA Jerry "Mr. Clutch/Mr. NBA Logo," West and said he would retire a Laker and have his jersey hung with the rest of the Laker greats when his career was over. Playing in the best shape since his Orlando Magic days, Shaq now plays "Robin" and not "Superman" to second-year guard Dwyane Wade.
Not taking away anything from Wade, because he's shown more skill than LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. What if Shaq was still with the Lakers?
What if Shaq came back in the best shape in 10 plus years?
What if Shaq let Kobe be the focal point of the offense? What if Shaq let Kobe take a few more blows at the Western Conference?
Superman would have retired with five or six rings and have his jersey retired next to all the Laker greatest and two of the best big men to ever play the game, # 13 and # 33.
Now he can be the first or second jersey to be retired as a Heat, with three L.A. Laker rings.