Sith, Martians And The Undead Kick-Off Summer

This year's summer movie line-up is one of the best we've seen in a long time.
"Star Wars Episode III" is one of the movies that kicked off the summer movie line-up that will bring about the rest of the movies hitting theaters in the coming months. We have movies that are suspenseful, action/adventure, comical, and downright horrifying.
"War of the Worlds" is one such movie that will definitely keep people on the edge of their seats.
Steven Spielberg directs the movie, which is based on H.G. Wells's book, and it stars Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. The movie is basically about an epic fight for survival as Martians are invading Earth.
Another movie that may entertain, as well as enlighten people will have to be "Lords of Dogtown."
The movie is a real life experience of three teens who have perfected the art of skateboarding across Venice, Calif., during the 1970s.
This movie has received a PG-13 rating because of sexuality, drug and alcohol content and violence.
If you are into a fantastic 3-D journey, then "The Adventures of Lava Girl and Shark Boy" might be right up your alley.
The movie deals with a boy named Max, who spends a crazy summer with his friends Shark Boy and Lava Girl. When no one believes he did spend countless adventures with them, the two heroes appear, and take him on an adventure to save their home world.
The film has not yet been rated, but most likely it will receive a PG rating for the director of the movie "The Adventures of Lava Girl and Shark Boy," Robert Rodriguez, also directed the "Spy Kids" movies, which received PG ratings as well.
Lastly, another movie that you may sink your teeth into, or the zombies will sink their teeth into you, is George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead."
The movie is about how a small band of humans must survive with the help of some mercenaries in a protected city.
This is action/horror and it has received no rating as of yet, but it will probably receive an R-rating as it may deal with gore violence, and strong language.
Essentially that is the summer movie preview. Tune in next semester as we tackle movies like Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, and plenty more.