SMC Student Shows: Artists And Auteurs

An evening of student films will be presented on Friday, June 10, at Santa Monica College. Presented by the Student Filmmakers Association, the event will be an opportunity for film students to present their work to a large and diverse audience.
This presentation will take place in room 214 of the Art building on the SMC main campus. Numerous faculty will be overseeing the event including two highly respected SMC cinema professors, Josh Kanin and Shirley Saint-Leon. Admission is free and food will be provided.
Students and professors encourage all those who attend to bring friends and family to experience these abstract and moving films. The films will be shown from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Come and experience the talent of SMC students!
Also, occurring this coming weekend is the Catalyst Art Show, which will start June 3. This show is an exhibition of the 2005 SMC Mentor Program. The exhibit will be open through June 17, but the opening reception will occur this Friday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. The event will take place at the Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery at the SMC Madison campus site, which is located on 11th street between Santa Monica Boulevard and Arizona Street.
"I attended the event last year and was shocked at the complexity of the pieces," said Ryan Cox, SMC student.
The program will be showcasing 21 different student artists, and attendees will have the chance to experience the future of art in our society. All participants in the Student Mentor program are individuals who have expressed an excellent understanding of the arts. The program specifically focuses on nine forms of artwork including architecture, dance, fashion design, interior design, music, photography, and theater. The catalyst art show is an opportunity for the public to critique the works of our local up and coming artists.
"They used to do one mentor for every student," said Don Hartman, a SMC art professor. "Now that's changed and there is one mentor for a group of students, and it's not as good as it was. It still is a very valid and wonderful program."