Gov. Schwarzenegger - SMC Trustee

I complained to Santa Monica College Trustee, Carole Currey, about what happened when Gov. Schwarzenegger made a speech at the college. This is her e-mail reply to me. I hope you have the guts to publish this. I can be contacted at 818-761-3783.

RJ Johnson,

Thank you for your email. I agree with you that the few faculty who protested the Governor's appearance were unprofessional and did a disservice to our special event, SMC's 75th commencement.

I also lament that the media concentrated on the protestors rather than the essence of Gov. Schwarzenegger's address, which was a sincere, from-the-heart remarkable speech to the graduates. His perseverance in delivering his message, despite the rude hecklers, is, to me, an amazing sign of leadership, and, perhaps, the greatest lesson to the graduates and us all.

Carole Currey