Gov. Speech

I've just finished watching a FOX news report on your recent graduation
ceremonies. I must say that I was very disappointed to see how
educators are teaching our young adults to express themselves today. The
actions of not only the students but teachers as well brought shame to our
state and your school. These individuals, both staff and students,
were not only rude & disrespectful, but down right un-American in their
treatment of our governor. Even if you disagree with his political
views, you can find a respectful way of expressing yourself and gain support
for your cause. I can't believe your school would invite our governor
to speak and then show him such disrespect. You should be

Furthermore, the staff/teachers should be reprimanded for the behavior.
The governor is the head of this state of California and the staff
members are his subordinates. They should not be allowed to stand and turn
their back on him... I don't always agree with our president Mr. Bush.
or my own boss for that matter.... However, I will, out of respect for
his office and the principles of our country, listen to him and
politely disagree. Just think... What if our police officers decided they
wanted to treat their boss in the same manner and turn their back on the
chief or the mayor..? Our city would be in ruins.....


Fidel Peterson