Protestors vs. Arnold

It is downright frightening that the Editor and/or editorial staff of a COLLEGE level paper, would publish an article that was not only very poorly written, but riddled with typographical errors and MISSPELLED words.

Are you certain you graduated from high school?

More alarming is the mentality of the protestors, whose behavior and timing was immature and grossly out of line, rendering their opinions worthless. They should never have been allowed anywhere near the campus during the graduation celebration.

What planet would I have to be on, to consider the opinion of rude, immature, inconsiderate, badly behaved CHILDREN, who are inarticulate and unable to select A PROPER FORUM for their voices to be heard? There are your real "Pendejos."

Next year, those who have worked so hard to graduate from college, and the family members who supported them, should be afforded a celebration worthy of their hard work and support. May the ill-behaved and unruly be left out on the street where they belong.