New Parking at SMC Bundy Campus

Change is coming to the Bundy Campus.

The 1.5 million dollar building demolition and parking lot renovation is scheduled to be completed by May 2009.

The contractor, Pima Corporation, has finished razing the former Lear Building. Roobik Delanian, project superintendant, said that they were ahead of schedule and that the project would probably be completed early.

Once completed, Bundy Campus will have 66 additional parking spaces and a small quad with three groups of benches for students to meet or study. There will be extensive landscaping to both the existing parking lot and the new addition.

The current two-way street to enter and exit the parking lot will be converted into a one way street for exiting the campus.

A new one way entrance will be constructed along the north side of the property line separating the airport from the campus parking lot. The soil along the north retaining wall can be seen now and marks the location of this new entrance.

Virtually 100 percent of existing material from the demolition will be recycled or used in the project. "We will not have to buy any material from the outside [to build the lot]" said Delanian.

The former building was constructed of rebar and concrete. All metal extracted, including iron rebar, copper, electrical wiring and other usable metal will be sold for scrap and recycled.

The residual concrete from the demolished building will be crushed to separate the concrete from the pebbles. The pebbles, asphalt and concrete will then be mixed together to provide the building material for the surface of the new parking lot.

SMC student Cassie Bostic was excited about the new undertaking. She said "Yeaaaahhh ... we need more parking!"