Entertainment Entrepreneur 'Raffi' Speaks to SMC Students

Watch out Steven Spielberg, a new kid's in town and he's not leaving until the job is done. During the Monday, Sept. 15, Mary Pickford Series entertainment lecture, Santa Monica's Academy of Entertainment and Technology had the honor of receiving today's newest man guide to technology. Young and ambitious, only at the age of 25, he goes by the name of "Raffi."
"Raffi" is Raphael Kryszek, model animator and founder of Clifton Production Services.
Looking at success through Kryzek's eye is simple, just combine theory with practice "et voila," the whole world is changed in your mind. He moved from Portland, Oregon, and entered USC as an undeclared major and later decided to major in political science and philosophy.
Even though he lacked direction, his mind was already taking him places and he knew exactly what he had to do in order to get there. "Work excel and let the work speak for itself. Anytime I was given a task I set myself up to accomplish it better than the goal itself," said Kryszek, eager to let the curious SMC listeners through his secret back door. Going about his path in this manner and rhythm, it landed him a reputation of doing things in a different way and helped him advance with one step ahead of his fellow colleagues.
While in college, Kryszek interned in the field of physical production for different companies such as New Line Cinema, where he worked for a year. He wanted to understand everything that it takes to create a movie. "After school I wanted to work on as many projects as possible," said Kryzsek. He became involved in reality TV and worked on different shows such as "The Anna Nicole Smith Show," "The Girl's Next Door" and "Keeping up with the Kardashians."
During the lecture while explaining the hard work it takes to make a reality TV show, he recalled Anna Smith's cousin who came to visit from Texas. We all remember the poor cousin with a hand full of missing teeth. Well Kryszek remembered the poor woman's actual intention to leave after a few respectful knocks but the show had other plans. From what he recalls they pushed the cousin for a few more knocks. "Directors are looking for authentic moments when someone's emotional and stirred within these moments. "That's what creates the reality of reality TV," said Kryszek. While working on reality television was a great learning experience, Kryszek left the field to reach for better things, such as founding his own company, Clifton Production Services.
He and his brother Sam Kryszek set the company towards emerging technologies. "I'm a geek that likes to get funky with images," said Kryszek. Clifton Production Services is a production company that edits with the guide of today's latest technologies. Their Mac Pro workstations are running Final Cut Pro 6 which provides high performance digital non-linear editng. Their company claims to edit anything with the highest possible quality. "We like to have people coming to us with a problem, a visual problem" said Kryszek.
For the Kryszeks, film is dead. "There will come a time when an equilibrium will be reached where we will have the majority of pictures shot digitally," said Kryszek. The audience in the lecture room was also eager to hear his insights on tomorrow's software. "Technology evolves literally daily. Every week, new compatibilities are announced, with new software. For example you can't go wrong with Final Cut, it is getting ground fast" Kryszek said.
Kryszek's future plans are bigger than the man himself. "I would like to leverage my company into a picture factory that I can call upon when I'm directing and producing," Kryszek said.