Lady Corsairs Kick it into High Gear Early

By Avedis Semerijan
Corsair Sraff Writer

Wherever you travel around the globe, whether it's called soccer or football, the sport attracts millions of fans. The Santa Monica College Corsair women's soccer team is a dominant and powerful team.
The women's soccer team has many players that are sure to take this team to the top of the league. Coach Aaron Benditson is the head coach for the women's soccer team and is a dynamic and enthusiastic coach, always ready on the field pushing the players to play even harder.
Benditson has a very positive outlook for the soccer team this season. If you are a soccer fan, be sure to check out this enthusiastic team running up and down the soccer field scoring goal after goal.
The Santa Monica Corsair soccer team had a game against El Camino College Friday Sept. 12 at p.m. The game was a great display for the Santa Monica Corsair team. The game ended with a 5- 2 win by the Santa Monica College team.
The El Camino College soccer team managed to get two goals past the Santa Monica College team, but the Santa Monica College Corsairs worked hard and didn't let their defensive play down towards the second half of the game. The team captain Jenilee Pabro said, "We're going to go far this season. We are working much better than last year."
Also asked if the field makes a difference on the performance of the players, confident team captain Jenilee responded, "Of course. We're not playing on our home field so it does make a difference, but not a problem because we are still going to do our best."
Hopefully when the SMC field is done then the soccer team will have a chance to show an even greater display of performance. Bendiston had great remarks about his team, stating, "Defensively we are pretty strong. Some great quality finishes on the team. We focus throughout the full game."
The Santa Monica College Corsairs has already had a great start to the season. The first game they had was against Taft and the score was 1-1 ending in a tie. One goal was completed by Jennifer Hager, and the assist by Daniella DaCosta. The second game, the team played East L.A. College and won 3-0. Jennifer Hager had two goals and one assist; Kelsea Rock had one goal, and Daniella DaCosta had one assist.
At the Moorpark College game on Sept. 5, the team played great, beating Moorpark 1-0. The goal was completed by Natalie Martinez and assisted by Jacqueline Dawson. The Oxnard game on Sept. 9 was unfortunately a tie 1-1. The goal for that game was completed by Jacqueline Dawson and assisted by Caitlyn Rutherford.
The El Camino game on Sept. 12 ended with a 5-2 win by Santa Monica. Two goals and one assist by Jennifer Hager; Lauren Kilbingat had two goals, and Daniella DaCosta had one goal. Also for the El Camino game Kelley Rock had two assists and Jessica Preciado had one assist.
Assistant Coach Tim Pierce said, "The team dominated offensively and by halftime had a 5-0 lead," for the El Camino game. Overall the women's soccer team is a determined team ready to take on the challenges that appear this season.
The coaches and players are a cohesive team ready to dominate each soccer game. If you are a soccer fan be sure to check out these women in action.
The next games the team will be playing are Tuesday, Sept. 16, against Ventura Community College; Tuesday, Sept. 23 against L.A. Harbor at L.A. Harbor field, and Friday, Oct. 3, against Glendale Community College at Glendale.