Latino Students find a sense of community with Adelante

The Adelante program is a success program dedicated to Santa Monica College's Latino students. The program focuses on academic achievement, student transfers to the CSU and UC systems, cultural awareness and personal growth.

The Adelante program offers classes where Latino students can get a sense of community while achieving their academic goals.
Classes offer students the skills to perform at a university level so that they are able to complete their education successfully.

In these classes they are able to feel comfortable discussing the Latino experience in a network of other Latino students, faculty, and staff. Courses given to program members are listed in the Latino Center located next to the Black Collegians program center in the counseling complex.

The perks to the program are enjoying the assistance of helpful counselors that students can really build a relationship with. For some students having a strong connection with a counselor that they can count on is all they want. In the program students are placed on the Latino Center mailing list and are informed about new scholarships, Adelante events, special ceremonies and opportunities specifically designed for Latino students or Adelante members.

With all of the great opportunities that are given to the students there is an agreement that students have to make. Adelante students must be enrolled in SMC and maintain a minimum 2.4 cumulative G.P.A. by the end of the first semester that they are in the program. Students must also meet with the Latino Center at least twice within their first semester of entering the program. After the first semester continuing students are only required but not limited to one semester if they maintain the required G.P.A.

Students can also enjoy the free tutors that are offered in subjects such as math, chemistry, and physics. Students can pick up the list of dates and times in the Latino Center. Adelante also holds workshops at least twice month with guest speakers to motivate and educate students in various areas of life. This year the workshops are designed to touch on issues that really affect students' lives and lifestyles.

The guest speakers are people the students can relate to and can speak from experience. September workshops included topics like students managing their time more effectively, and overcoming intimidation in the classroom.

Future workshop topics will include personal statements for college essays and scholarships, first generation college students, and communicating with family, friends and professors. For students that are unsure and uncertain there are plenty of opportunities to poke around and observe the program. All workshops will start on time in the Liberal Arts building in room 115. There is still time for students to join and so much for students to learn and gain from the Adelante experience.

To join Adelante you have to go to one of many informational sessions. There you will be introduced to the coordinator of the program and given detailed information on the program. Students are told about their resources that they are to take advantage of and a list of counselors you can choose from to help you with academic and personal concerns.

Guidelines and procedures will also be established at the informational sessions. The list of dates and times for informational sessions can also be picked up in the Latino center as well as all other resources that are offered.