You're always told to never judge a book by its cover, but it's human nature to do so. You can't help but look at someone who is strange or different, and then pass judgment on such person. Which brings us to this: Last Sunday the Viper Room was having one of its many events. However this one was special, in many different ways. This event was a tribute to the cult classic film "The Lost Boys." Now if you are not familiar with this movie, as this reporter was at first, then let me open your world up just a little.

"The Lost Boys" was a 1987 horror/comedy about two friends who move to the town of Santa Carla, only to end up fighting a teenage gang of vampires. The movie brought modernism to the vampire, making him more relatable than the black and white Dracula that people were used to seeing on the silver screen. The movie paved the way for other "modern" vampire movies such as "Interview with a Vampire" and even "Underworld." It also created a massive underground following to the likes of "Monty Python and The Holy Grail" or "Pulp Fiction."

This night was vampire night. A fun opportunity for fans of the movie to dress up, listen to music from Gerard McMahon, who wrote the theme song to the film called "Cry Little Sister" and meet the cast members including Cory Haim, Billy Worth and Brooke McCarter. Now this might seem a little strange to you as reader. You might be asking yourself "that's very weird." Well it was but looking beyond the oddness of it all, the dressing up as a vampire and the honoring of a horror movie from the '80s, this event was to put in simple terms, fun. It had everything, good bar, great music and friendly people. No one was there to judge. Everyone was there to let loose and have themselves an awesome time.

The event was put together by Sanaz of Metal Sanaz entertainment. Sanaz is planning events every Sunday at the Viper Room and this was the first of many more to come. "It's pretty much an intimate kind of reunion," she said on her first event at the Viper Room. "'The Lost Boys' was the first movie of its kind to make a big impact on people not just me. It brought a whole new lifestyle to everyone. It's been 20 years [since the movie came out] . People still to this day love it and live it." The show was greatly appreciated by fans. "I'm really excited to see G Tom Mac [Gerard McMahon] and Corey Haim," said a crazed fan Jessica Reeder. "I love the Lost Boys movie, I love Corey Haim, the movie is a classic." "I'm excited this is going on, I've known about this for two weeks and I've been looking forward to seeing G Tom Mac, this is awesome," said another fan dressed in full vampire gear who did not give out his name.

The show started off with G Tom Mac hitting the stage to an enthusiastic crowd. The music was electronic rock, and boy was he rollin'. The stage was setup with a giant projector screen in the back where clips of "The Lost Boys" were shown to the audience during the performance. He played old and new songs, but the concert really took off when G Mac had Corey Haim and Brooke McCarter come up on stage and sing the doors classic "People are Strange." G Tom Mac on guitar, his touring partner Tony Silver on the bass, McCarter on the hand drums and Haim on vocals. The song was also featured in the movie. This could have been the highlight of the night but the fans got a treat, something very special. G Tom and the some of the cast members got up on stage, and invited some of the fans on stage to perform the movie's theme song "Cry Little Sister." The song was beautiful with soothing lyrics. The fans all sang together the chorus "thou shall not fall" in unison, showing the devotion to the movie and its music.

"'The Lost Boys' thing doesn't die," said Brooke McCarter, one of the stars of the movie. "It just keeps going, the cult classic of it. It's an honor to be a part of something that is 20 years old and people still care about it, care about you." Brooke recalls his favorite part of the movie. "The motorcycles, with the train and the stunt men filming in Santa Cruz. We could do not wrong, if we did do wrong, we were kings for that time period."

Don't judge a book by its cover. The old cliché. On this night that saying that was applicable. This might have looked strange from the outside, but on the inside it was a blast. "It's going to be my night every Sunday," said a happy Sanaz. "Every time it's going to be different theme."

"Next week we'll have a couple of bands, some go go dancers--it's going to be fun, but it will be on the darker side." You might not be into "the scene," but who cares. This was random fun on a Sunday night. Next time you have nothing to do on a Sunday go to the Viper Room, and go with an open mind. If you do that, you won't be disappointed.