Corsairs' Road Woes Continue as They Lose to Antelope Valley 28 to 6

The Corsairs had hopped to build off of last week's home victory, which would have made them 2 and 0 in their division, but instead find themselves at 1-4 overall and 1-1 in conference play. Antelope Valley on the other hand stands at 2-3 overall with a comfortable 2 and 0 in conference play.

The Corsairs' lack of execution on offense has once again become a problem for Santa Monica. The Corsairs converted 11 first downs as opposed to the Marauders who only converted 6. They also recorded 214 yards of total offense with only one touchdown to show for it, and held the ball 4 more minutes then the Marauders offense.

How does this happen? Well it's very simple. Quarterback play.

The Corsairs have rotated trough four quarterbacks since the season started in late August.

Nasouf Lugman was the starter on opening night, but he quit the team because he was benched for one quarter of a game. Brady McManus got hurt on a freak play, where the blocker should have been protecting him. Ryan Burns, who had to step in, had a fantastic home conference opener, but coach had to go with Scribner late in the game because Burns had five interceptions and four completions for 25 yards.

"This is the first year I've had three freshmen quarterbacks as my starters. It's the key position in all of football. We haven't been able to find any stability at all. Hopefully in the bye week we can evaluate our injured players and know who our guy is going to be to lead this football team," said a disappointed Coach Robert Taylor.

That's not the only problem the Corsairs have. Though the schedule is in their favor, but they cannot rely on the comfort of home to get them to a conference championship.

Eventually they are going to have to learn to win on the road. Their next two games are at SMC, but they have East L.A. and Pierce College left that are away games.

"I'm not satisfied," said Coach Taylor.

"We're going into a bye week and I've got a lot of things I have to do as the head coach to get the ship a float.... It all comes back to me in the end, but that's OK, I've got thick skin. I truly believe that if we get this thing right, well be fine in the end. I always live on this ' it's not how you start but how you finish'."

"We didn't play well on offense at Antelope Valley. We haven't been able to answer the bell," said the coach.

"We are playing Santa Barbara in a few weeks. They just won their first game going into the bye and we just lost our first conference game going into the bye... Everybody is in the same boat, only Antelope Valley is 2 and 0. We're all struggling to win."

The Corsairs had an amazing win at home the week before. That doesn't help the present as the momentum has shifted because of another road loss.

With their next two game at home, Coach Taylor will really get to see if this team still believes it's a championship team. The problem with football is, you don't play to a lot of game so it's really easy to fall behind. The Corsairs need to take advantage of a very weak conference and let their talent take over.

Coach said it best at the beginning of the season: "I got a great group of talented freshmen wide receivers. We are very deep at wide out."

You can say it all you want, production is what makes it believable.

Let's hope the boys have been reading the coach's quotes in the newspaper and take a page out of it for themselves. Coaches coach, that's their job. The players are the ones who ultimately have to answer the call.