The Down to Urth Caffe: More than Artsy Lattes

The Urth Caffe in Santa Monica is an amazing eatery that every student should experience. Located on Main Street just minutes away from Santa Monica College campus, this cafe is sure to be a favorite for any fan of quality food. Healthy and organic is the buzz around this delightful trendy Santa Monica cafe. Open from 6 a.m. -11:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday, stop by in the morning for breakfast, or come for dinner and either way you will be satisfied.
The breakfast menu is different from the lunch menu, but both have great items to order. For breakfast you can order the Italian Omelette or the Belgian Waffle, or if you're looking for something different get the famous Urth Bread Pudding Breakfast. The Urth Bread Pudding Breakfast is fresh bread pudding topped with baked apples or bananas with steamed milk. There are a wide variety of breakfast omelletes or egg dishes. Or if you want to eat something small they have great muffins, bagels, and croissants.
The great thing about this cafe is that the items are always fresh. For lunch the Urth Sandwiches are your best bet. They are served with a side of salad and if you order the large, it will make you full guaranteed.
The Chicken Curry Sandwich or the Panini Portabella are both great choices. If you're not in the mood for a sandwich you can order the Urth Tamales or the Mediterranean Platter. Prices for most sandwich plates range from $9 to $13.
Now the food here is very good, but nowhere else will you find the assortment of desserts and drinks this place serves.
Cakes like chocolate crown cake, apple tartin, and coconut pound cake, or amazing pies like banana cream pie or cherry pie. They also have cookies, fruit tarts, muffins, and cheesecakes. Remember the best part about all the foods Urth Caffe carries is that they are always fresh.
Now for the drinks, we have a wide assortment of drinks to choose from. Organic Coffee is what this company is known for.
They sell organic coffee that their company makes which is made from the finest ingredients, or you can sit down and taste what they offer in the cafe. In the cafe you can order an espresso, cappuccino, or have a blended ice coffee drink with boba.
The hot drinks such as the Spanish Latte and Tea Latte come with a special design of a swan on the top integrated into the foam of the cup. Most hot drinks when ordered have this famous design into the foam of the cup which is really interesting when you order the drink, but of course the design fades away as soon as you taste the delicious drink.
The prices for the cafe are not expensive, but it's not exactly the price of fast food.
The cost of food is relatively the same compared to any other restaurant, but the only difference is that this place serves a wider variety, is always fresh, and is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.
Be sure to check out Urth Caffe located at 2327 Main Street, Santa Monica and to enjoy their tasty food.