SMC Police Appeal to the Community in Murder Investigation

On May 11 on the 1900 block of Pico Boulevard, Peter Brumfield was brutally beaten. He was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries on May 16.

The Los Angeles County Corner's Office declared the death a homicide. The corner's office concluded that Brumfield's death wasn't suicide or accidental. Sgt. Renaldi Thurston of the Santa Monica Police Department sergeant said, "He was beaten to death, basically."

Most Santa Monica College students still feel safe on campus. "I've lived in worse areas," SMC freshman David Cairy said. "I'm not going to bring a knife to school."

For students that are concerned for their safety, the Santa Monica College Police Department has safety tips on their website.

"There's always safety in numbers," SMCPD Police Chief Albert Vasquez said. "There's always safety when it's a nice lit area."

Vasquez recommended using the SMC escort service when on campus late at night.

The SMPD detectives aren't investigating a robbery turned homicide, Renaldi said: "[It was] not a robbery gone bad."

This was based upon a LACCO report of what was on Brumfield's person after he died, Renaldi said "On Oct. 13, the SMPD posted composites around the Pico residential area depicting the three murder suspects. All three where males in their 20s."

The composites where based upon witnesses in the area at the time of Brumfield's murder.

"These witnesses voluntarily came forth with their testimonies", Renaldi said.

Currently, the SMPD haven't made any arrests. "If people come forward and help, it has a higher probably of being solved," Renaldi said. "Every murder is different."

If you have information regarding Brumfield's murder contact Michael Brambrick of the SMPD homicide/robbery unit at 310-458-8451.