Women's Soccer Wins Again

If there is a more eloquent way of describing how well the Santa Monica College Lady Corsairs Soccer team is playing, then please send in your suggestions. Last week's Tuesday and Friday games yielded victories of 10-0 and 4-0, extending their winning record to eight wins, one loss, and four ties.

After games against Los Angeles Mission College (4-8-0) and Los Angeles Valley College (2-10-2) where the Lady Corsairs scored a combined 14 goals while allowing none, the Lady Corsairs now face a schedule where they are 4-1-1 against previous conference and division opponents, with two games against Citrus College (5-8-2), the lone team remaining on the Lady Corsairs schedule they have yet to face. The team's one loss stems from their 1-0 loss to Bakersfield (9-3-1), who the Lady Corsairs are set to play this Friday at Bakersfield.

"Because Bakersfield was our only loss, when we come out, we're gonna come out harder because we could have done a lot better that game, and we weren't really on our game," said Defender Elizabeth Cveyich.

The opportunity to avenge the Lady Corsairs only loss comes with another benefit; with a win, the Lady Corsairs would unquestionably take sole possession of first place in the Western State Conference. With only six games after the Bakersfield match, splitting the season series, coupled with two addition losses by Bakersfield would create a scenario where Bakersfield would be hard-pressed to make up the numbers in the rankings.

"That's the goal that we set first this year as a team. That's what we're looking to accomplish," said Aaron Benditson, head coach of the Lady Corsairs. "The school's never had a conference championship in soccer before and we're really up to that challenge."

The past three games have proven to be not only standout performance by the Lady Corsairs team in terms of points scored, but they have also functioned as a coming-out party for the Lady Corsair defense, having not allowed a point scored in two weeks of play. Last Tuesday's game saw the first half end at 6-0, with the Lady Corsairs defense swarming on the ball to create turnovers.

"He's always talking about pressure on the ball; he wants us on the ball within five seconds. He always wants the ball moving," said Defender Crystal Martinez, in reference to Coach Benditson's defensive philosophy.

A defense that allows less than one goal per game has been key in victories and ties the past season, with the number of blowout wins coupled by their low-scoring ties.

With players in the top 20 for California state community colleges both offensively and defensively, it's hard to find a specific weak point on this Lady Corsairs team.

Focusing on what's ahead has been important for the team, as they cannot rest for long upon their laurels before facing additional opponents. When asked about their focus for their upcoming games, Crystal Martinez looks up with a smile.

"Bakersfield is who we are out to get."